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Here at Broward & Dade PC Repair we strive to ensure customer satisfaction as well as competitive rates for all of our clients. We offer the utmost in flexibility with our pricing. We provide both onsite support as well as in-shop pricing for ultimate savings. For a nominal fee, we offer pickup and drop-off service for all clients within our service area, or free for customers residing 0-4 miles from our shop.

Certain issues require in home support such as installation of printers, onsite LAN support or network setup. Other tasks can be performed in-shop at our technicians discretion. Our technicians will diagnose the root of the problem and give you clear, easy to understand options to either repair or replace your computer. (We do not just restore your computer, we also update the operating system, install antivirus and anti spyware applications to ensure that your pc stays safe). Well offer a Free optimization for every computer repaired.

Below you will find our pricing structure for residential clients. 

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Direct Technician Line: 754-444-2064


Prices and Services   In-Shop       
Computer Optimization (In depth, includes Defrag)$55.00 Flat$60.00/Hour
Total System Restore
(Operating System Repair or Re-Installation,Free Anti Virus)
$89.00 Flat$60.00/Hour
Basic Startup Repair$59.00 Flat$60.00/Hour
Spy-ware & Virus Removal (Light Infection)$69.00 Flat$60.00/Hour
Spy-ware & Virus Removal (In Depth, Includes AV)$109.00 Flat $60.00/Hour
Data Transfer or Data Backup
(transfer of documents, pictures, music...)
(30.0GB) $10.00 additional per 10.0 Gb restored
$65.00  Flat 
for 30.0 GB
(In-Depth) Data Restoration
(data extraction from a PC that fails to boot)
$125.00 Flat$60.00/Hour
Operating System Upgrade$89.00 Flat $60.00/Hour
Wireless Network SetupClient Site
Network Backup SetupClient Site
Work group File/Printer Server SetupClient Site
Anti-Virus Software Optimization and installation$55.00 Flat$60.00/Hour
Anti-spyware Software Optimization and installation$55.00 Flat$60.00/Hour
Memory or Hardware Upgrades (Plus parts)$55.00 Flat $60.00/Hour
Other Software Install/Optimization $59.00 Flat$60.00/Hour
Laptop / Notebook  LCD Screen replacement$79.00 Flat
(Plus Parts)
In Shop
Laptop Keyboard/Wifi Card/CD-Rom/Hard-Drive

Laptop / Notebook CPU fan, heat sink replacement,Power Jack Replacement,Motherboard Replacement
$55.00 Flat
(Plus Parts)

$99.99 Flat
(Plus Parts)
In Shop

In Shop
Diagnostic fee (Waived if we service your computer)$55.00 Flat$55.00 Flat
Small Business Fee: (All IT Work)Client-Site$65.00/Hour
General PC Repair (Hardware faults, soldering, etc
Operating system diagnosis.)
(Plus Parts)
Free Pickup and Dropoff (0-4 miles from shop)FreeFree

For offsite (client residence) repairs or services:
First hour is $60.00 (non refundable).
Every subsequent half hour will be billed at $30.00. We accept cash, personal checks and paypal payments. 

Most tasks take anywhere from 1-2 hours, with the exception of virus malware removal, data migration, backups, or troubleshooting software. Data backups and malware removal tasks have varying times of completion depending on the severity of the infection and/or the size of the backup. If an infection is severe, a data backup, format and re-installation of the operating system is advisable. Prices do not include parts or software; the customer must have appropriate licensed software.


Computer Repair Home | Service Agreement

Exceptions to the 30 day warranty

We cannot be held responsible for re-infections with viruses or malware, water or power damage such as surges, abuse or misuse, or any other damage not resulting from the actual repair work done by us. Broward Dade PC Repair will not be responsible for viruses, malware or other computer hardware or software failures that occurred after a repair. Components sometimes fail during technical troubleshooting due to age or inherent faults. All of these occurrences will not be covered by the 30 day warranty.

Please note there is a nonrefundable $20.00 travel fee, for customers within 5-12 miles of our coverage area and $35.00 travel fee for clients that reside 12-20 miles from the shop.

Prices are subject to change without notice. 

Please email or call us with any questions or concerns.  

Mon-Fri 9:00AM-6:00PM

Sat 9:00AM-1:00PM

Direct Technician Line: 754-444-2064

Fees & Returns

    * All service orders are subject to a minimum $55.00 service fee once it reaches a technician's bench regardless of the state of repair or outcome of the diagnosis. A $25.00 fee will be charged if payment is not made within 15 days of repair.

     * All part purchases are final and cannot be returned.



    * Customer is responsible for data backup before repair.

    * We are NOT responsible for data loss for any reason including:

          * In the event of a computer failure while in service

          * In the event the hard drive is formatted to repair the operating system software.

    * We reserve the right to erase the computer's hard drive to ensure proper repair of the unit by eliminating software as a variable whenever the technician deems it necessary.




    * Software errors or corruption that causes poor performance or loss of functionality of the computer is NOT covered by our warranty.

    * Customer is responsible for determining application compatibility with any operating system they've enlisted Broward Dade PC Repair to install or upgrade.



    * Customer is responsible for ensuring password(s) privacy and security

    * Customer is responsible for updating definitions to antivirus software and applying security patches to the operating system after the date of repair on the unit.

    * We are NOT responsible for viral infections of the unit or any security compromises to the unit, including compromises due to weak passwords after the date of repair.



    * Broward Dade PC Repair is NOT responsible for notifying you, the customer, in the event your equipment is being disposed of when said equipment has been at the shop 1 months or more. A $25.00 fee will be charged for equipment left in the shop for 15 days or more.

    * All hardware will be covered per manufacturer's warranty period!


* Software / Hardware Licensing & Warranties: You the user agree that you will be responsible for all software licensing installed on your computer. Broward Dade PC Repair provides technical support and consulting for third party software and/or equipment. We make no warranty that we are an authorized service provider for Third Party Software or for any equipment; it is your sole responsibility to determine if you require additional rights for us to provide such support, and if so, to acquire such rights. You acknowledge that support of Third Party Software or equipment by an unauthorized service provider may void any warranty made by the supplier of such Third Party Software or equipment.


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