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Home Network Installation and Repair
Would you like all your computers on a broadband connection?
Is the Internet Service Provider a hassle to deal with?
Is a neighbor using your network, or wireless connection?

We're Here to Help

An in-home network installed by Broward & Dade PC Repair allows you to share a single high-speed internet connection between every computer in your home, both quickly and securely. Either wired or wireless, we can set up a network that will fit your needs. 

Whether it's networking two or more computers together, hooking up a printer, a mobile device or a gaming system to your network, to seamlessly share your files and documents, we will meet your needs. In addition, we also install network based backup devices. 

Email or call us if you have any questions

Hardware Installation & Setup
NIC Card, Router, Broadband Modem... not sure what they do? Don't worry, we will take care of it all!

We will setup your network for you, we'll even sit down and explain what each device does. If you are on a budget and need a top of the line firewall or router appliance, we provice Linux based low cost security solutions. These devices offer features and security that is comparable to multi thousand dollar, high-end firewalls for a fraction of the cost.   
Software Installation & Setup
When you first install your network, you want to make sure it is setup securely, using appropriate encryption techniques to thwart any potential intruder. The Software Installation Service takes care of the firewall, virus protection, and any other network related issues that may prevent you from connecting to the internet and your network.  
Internet Service Provider (ISP) Setup (Comcast, AT&T)
Sometimes you can have all your software and hardware installed correctly, but you still can not get connection to the Internet. Later, when you call technical support for your Internet Service Provider (ISP), they tell you it's a "hardware issue". We are here to help; We will work with your ISP to get you connected fast ! We are local and minutes away from Weston, FL, Hollywood Florida, Pembroke Pines, Miami, Hialeah and Miramar.
Complete Package (up to 3 computers)
Includes Hardware, Software and ISP Setup $175.00 

Give us a call or email us to get started setting up your home network

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